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BOLLFILTER Corporation
22635 Venture Drive
Novi, MI 48375

PHONE +1 248 773-8200
FACSIMILE +1 248 773-8201

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Bollfilter Corporation
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Thank you for requesting information on BOLLFILTER Protection Systems.  Please find contained in this webpage the latest information on our company and products.  We look forward to any opportunity to participate with you and your firm in the supply of our filters/strainers.

BOLLFILTER is…        the US subsidiary of the German manufacturing firm Boll & Kirch Filterbau GmbH. For more than 60 years, Boll & Kirch Filterbau GmbH has supplied premier filtration equipment and OEM replacement parts throughout the major industrial centers of Europe. These filters and strainers are available in North America from our US corporate headquarters located in Novi, Michigan (USA).

BOLLFILTER provides…         manually cleanable and automatically self-cleaning filters and strainers. Our manually cleanable Basic (Simplex) and Double (Duplex) units are for gross straining applications, or applications where the contaminant level is relatively low. For oil and gas applications we have developed our new filter types BFD and BFD-P that should be interesting for your applications.

The automatically backflushing Self-Clean units are available in several models.

The Self-Clean Type 6.64 is used in systems that require the filtration of oils, cooling emulsions, washing solutions, hydraulic fluids, or fuels. The patented air-assisted backflushing induces a high-pressure cleaning of the elements without reduction in system pressure or reduction of system flow. The Type 6.62 was developed for low-flow oil and fuel systems. Particle retention as low as 10 micron is available.

The Type 6.64/6.46 is also a self-cleaning unit, but a very compact Self-Powered, lube oil filtration unit that may be installed either vertically or horizontally. This style unit filter continuously backflushes using the highly efficient reverse- and cross-flow technique. Its unique impellor-driven mechanism uses the flow of the oil through the filter to drive the backflushing action. A built in-safety filter and overpressure device provide emergency bypass capability.

The Self-Clean Types 6.18/6.19 are designed as water strainers, and flush on an interval determined by time, with a differential pressure override. The Type 6.18 functions best on system pressures greater than 20 psi, and uses a unique reverse- and cross-flow backflush method. The Type 6.19 can operate on system pressures as low as 2 psi (or, equipped with optional accessories, on a flooded suction), and uses an external media source (such as water or steam) to induce flushing.

And more…     BOLLFILTER continues to develop new innovations in strainer and filter technology. The Research and Development Team maintains a steady program of development to provide greater protection, greater efficiency, and greater value in all applications.

Office contact details for each division are as follows:

Michele LaTorre, President/Marine Sales
PHONE 248-773-8200, Ext 10

Kurt Borseth, Sales – Automotive (Oil & Gas)
PHONE 248-773-8200, Ext 11

Karen Curry, Leader, Aftermarket/Replacement Parts
PHONE 248-773-8200, Ext 14

Satina “Tina” Horne, Aftermarket/Replacement Parts
PHONE 248-773-8200, Ext 16

Peter Quecke, Field Service Technician
PHONE 248-773-8200, Ext 12

Heike LaTorre, Purchasing
PHONE 248-773-8200, Ext 17

Brian Kedzierski, Manager, Warehouse/Shipping/Receiving
PHONE 248-773-8200, Ext 26

Scott Sautter, Sales - Industrial Water
PHONE 248-773-8200 Ext 24

Jackie Shufeldt, Accounting 
PHONE 248-773-8200 Ext.